The Old SJC Site
By Franz Metzger, Class of 1958
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For those who have not been to Yokohama recently,
this is what our old school campus has become:

Foreground: small plot of land, part of Motomachi park.
Background: used to be SJC, and is now a condo.
The current SJC Association officers negotiated with Yokohama City to erect a plaque at this small park, which used to be the SJC entrance area, showing history of SJC in English and in Japanese.

English version as follows:


We dedicate this landmark with the best of our love, honor and appreciation to:

The Marianists, a Catholic group of the Order of the Society of Mary, who, on September 2, 1901, established our beloved school for children of any creed or race; who wholeheartedly devoted themselves to a thorough education for ninety-nine yars and who have multiplied the possibilities by expanding our school to over four acres.

Our Lady of Faith and Fortitude for miraculously protecting all of us during the Great Kanto Earthquake and World War II while yet continuing to light and guard us from where she now stands at the Foreign Cemetery, accompanied by the souls of many of our teachers;

Our neighboring schools and the Bluff community for the unmatched friendship and camaraderie which we would have liked to extend, but will always retain close to our hearts;

The city of Yokohama and its citizens for having provided us this land of beauty - 85 Bluff - and for allowing us to treasure our archives in the Berrick Hall, once a home away from home for many of us.

Time may see us far and scattered, but S.J.C. shall ever hold.Proudly bearing that name, we will move 'Forward with Faith and Fortitude.'

We thank you, indeed, for sharing our precious moments with us.

The St. Joseph Alumni Association


Those involved in making this possible were the Association officers of year 2003/04 who coordinated with Yokohama City.

On the wall of the condo facing the small park is the old SJC logo.
Bro. Gaschy's plaque.
Berrick Hall.
and Sakura, cherry blossom.