Yokohama - Foreign Cemetery
By Franz Metzger, Class of 1958
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Walkiing from former SJC through Christ Church toward Foreign Cemetery. Far left are the new high rise condo and Marine Tower, left restaurant and condo.
As can be seen in this picture there are many high rise condos and office buildings, from Yokohama station to Yamashita-cho!

"The Yokohama Foreign Cemetery is situated on the part of the former premises of the Zotokuin temple. In February 1854, the Japan-U.S. Peace and amity Treaty was signed, a tomb was erected for the burial of one of the crew of the fleet commanded by Commodore Perry who visited Yokohama for the signing of the treaty.
After the Yokohama Port opening, that place was officially designated as the cemetery for foreign residents. Now, many foreigners lie in peace here who have been contributors to Japanese culture, including Charles Wirgman, Edmund Morel and Anton Johannes Cornelius Geerts as well as the unknowns killed at the Namamugi or Idogaya Incidents." -- Yokohama City
Statue of Virgin Mary looking down towards the graves of our beloved teachers..
Our, SJC, teachers grave. After entering, turn right and proceed down the slope to visit where our teachers' grave is located. Also it is recommended to visit library or archive where old pictures of Bluff as well as SJC, St. Maur etc is exhibited.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays are open to general public but you can visit any days of the week.

Our beloved teachers who are resting at the Yokohama Foreign Cemetery (Gaijin Bochi) are:
Jean-Baptiste Gaschy, S.M.
1875 - 1955
Xavier A. Bertram
1877 - 1954
Edouard Sandrock, S.M.
1879 - 1958
Joseph Gaessler, S.M.
1879 - 1961
Albert Bletzacker, S.M.
1875 - 1971
Charles Schermeser
1886 - 1973
Germain Vonderscher, S.M.
1897 - 1978

Santos Montoya Ruiz, S.M.
1916 - 1975
Charles Imhoff, S.M.
1886 - 1979
Leo Kraft, S.M.
1909 - 1991
Charles Coutret, S.M.
1869 - 1979
Celestin Rambach, S.M.
1864 - 1953
X. Rusch, Pretre, S.M.
1875 - 1951
Andre Higli, S.M.
1862 - 1946
Charles Loebig, S.M.
1921 - 1992
Joseph Mutschler, S.M.
1862 - 1949
Alphones Urlich, Pretre, S.M.
1887 - 1946
Alphones Mistler, S.M.
1873 - 1953
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