Yokohama - Yamate
By Franz Metzger, Class of 1958
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How about tour of Yokohama especially for those of you living abroad. Yokohama changed a lot.

Starting with Sacred Heart Cathedral and will walk toward our former Alma Mater and continue to Motomachi, Yamashita Park and former Mitsubishi dock yard area. No changes to this church!
Road leading toward former Bluff Hospital and SJC, left Berrick Hall.
Fomer Bluff Hospital, now Bluff Clinic. After hospital was closed , majority of its property sold to Futaba girls school.
Your former Alma Mater with foreground is a small park where you will find bit of SJC.
(right) Road leading to St. Maur and Futaba with park of Bluff Clinic, far left. Background
is the condo.
Restored 'Oldies'

Berrick Hall - restored for public viewing. Restored to its original design. Upstairs corridor you will find pictures of SJC when they were using it as dormitory. Worth a visit, very nicely restored building and garden.
Free, remove your shoes when entering.

Brief history:
Mr. B. R. Berrick, born 1878 in London, England. 1898 he came to Yokohama to join "Berrick Shokai", family enterprise, already operating at that time. 1923 Kanto Great Earthquake destroyed Yokohama and Bluff area. Mr. Berrick remained in Yokohama and in 1930, at age of 52, built "Berrick Hall" designed by H. Morgan, an American, in Spanish style building. He resided for 10 years only, left for Vancouver, Canada with the outbreak of WWII.
After the war this facility was occupied by a lieutenant general of Allied Forces. In 1956 Mr. Berrick donated this facility to Society of Mary. St. Joseph College used it as their dormitory till year 2000. Yokohama City purchased it in 2001 as part of greater development of Motomachi park.
In 1972, Mr. Berrick passed away at age 72.
Walk toward Foreign Cemetery - Gaijin Bochi. Before that 1950s picture of SJC and Bluff.
Like to point out several facilities that will later appear in my snapshots.
SJC, of course; 2nd house, 4th house, and 6th Christ Church.
2nd house: now restored and used it as afternoon tea facility "Enokitei"
Restored 4th house. Original, an apartment with four flats. After the war used by Allied Forces.
Restored by Yokohama City and open for public, free, remove your shoes to enter.
6th facility - Christ Church.
Early this year or was it late last year, interior was destroyed by fire. Under repair.
At following web site you can obtain information about foreigner's house in Yamate:
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